Yes the Zoom map works on all devices.

Yes. The ZoomRadar weather map is being used successfully by digital signage companies. The map comes as a URL opened by any browser which can be customized to fit the dimensions of the signage. Whether your signage is interactive or not the map is a nice addition.

We can typically turn the map around in 1-2 days. If you need the map sooner simply ask.

Absolutely the map is highly customizable! You can choose from a variety of features, map location & zoom level, map width/ height and even add your custom logo. Pricing is determined by the degree of customization required.

Rapid update hi-res doppler radar with snow/ice detection, live storm chaser streaming, polygon severe warnings, local storm tracks with time of arrival, local storm reports, local temperatures and winds, full screen, pin drop, map centering location detection, location search bar, pan and zoom buttons.

We can supply you with a map to insert into your own app but we do not have our own apps. We concentrate on supplying our client’s with a map to boost their website and mobile devices. 

It is easy. We will send you an “iframe” with your custom map URL inside. Just copy and paste the code into the HTML section of your website manager. The map should appear on your site immediately.

Yes. We will provide you with embed code for both fixed and responsive maps. 

Zoomradar has developed proprietary code to gather and process NOAA Nexrad level 2 data rapidly. Local NOAA radars update every few minutes and ZoomRadar immediately grabs the data, processes it and displays it. It is one of the fastest updating interactive radar maps on the web.

ZoomRadar’s chaser layer is a partnership with SevereStudios Severe Streaming. Becoming a chaser is easy and inexpensive. All chasers should be properly trained to chase safely. You must broadcast a manual or GPS location to be placed properly on the map. Visit http://severestreaming.com/services-and-pricing for information. You can also email Kory Hartman at Kory@SevereStudios.com

The video will play well in almost all cases. There may be some isolated situations where the browser version or device OS is not compatible.

Yes we can provide chasers with a map featuring only their chase vehicle.

ZoomRadar was founded in 2007 as the internet’s first interactive radar!! Since then we have continued to expand serving 100s of media websites, digital signage companies, weather blogger websites and student run websites.

The uptime is 99.99%. Our infrastructure is built in the Amazon cloud with automatic scaling. At any given time, multiple servers are running our maps. While rare occurrences of issues may arise, ZoomRadar maintains on-call support in case you encounter a critical problem.

Absolutely. Through the 16 years we have been in business we have served many huge traffic sites including CBS News, CBS Radio, Telemundo, Time Warner Cable News and various other large media sites.

Yes we have on-call 24/7 support in which we can respond in an emergency. Non emergency concerns will be addressed during regular business hours Mon – Friday 9am-5pm eastern. We try to answer emails on off hours as well.

Yes we can offer radar for the areas which can easily be added to any map. This is a small additional charge as it is added as a different layer/ feature. We do not offer radar for Canada but if you live close to the border our US mosaic will cover you.

We also offer a custom forecast product for customers who pay for the Zoom Map. This is offered as a free compliment to the radar map. So if you purchase a radar you are entitled to a premium forecast page for no cost. Being that the product is free we do not provide support for it and it is offered in limited sizes and styles. The forecast data is provided by NOAA, so there can be outages from time to time when their servers are overloaded.

The cost varies depending on number of maps needed, features on the map requested and traffic of the site we are serving.  Prices start as low as $10 per month for the sidebar widget. Professional media maps will cost more, but because interactive weather is all we do, our prices are still significantly less than our competition.

Yes, we are always available to do custom work. As a subsidiary of Scopic, with almost 20 years of experience in custom software development, we’re equipped to handle diverse programming and development needs, including those related to weather radars or live storm chasers.

If you have a specific requirement for a weather-related program, please get in touch with us at sales@zoomradar.com to discuss your requirements.

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