Is the ZoomRadar map compatible with mobile devices?
Yes the Zoom map works on all devices.

Does the ZoomRadar Map work on Digital Signage/ Display?
Yes. The ZoomRadar weather map is being used successfully by many digital signage companies. The map comes as a URL opened by any browser which can be customized to fit the dimensions of the signage. Whether your signage is interactive or not the map is nice addition.

After ordering a map how long does it take for a client to receive the map?
We can typically turn the map around in 1-2 days. If you need the map sooner simply ask.

Can the map be customized?
Absolutely the map is highly customizable! You can choose from a variety of features, map location & zoom level, map width/ height and even add your custom logo. Features are available a la carte thus you will pay less if you add less features.

What are the features?
Hi-Res Radar with snow/Ice detection, Live Storm Chaser Streaming, polygon severe warnings, Local Storm Tracks with Time of Arrival, Local Storm Reports, Local Temperatures and Winds, full screen, pin drop, map centering location detection, location search bar, pan and zoom buttons. 

Do you offer mobile apps?
We can supply you with a map to insert into your own app but we do not have our own apps. We concentrate on supplying our client’s with a map to boost their website and mobile devices. We are in business to make your business better.

How do you embed the map into a website?
It is easy. We will send you an “iframe” with your custom map URL inside. Just copy and paste the code into the HTML section of your website manager. The map should appear on your site immediately.

Is the ZoomRadar map “responsive”?
Yes. We will provide you with embed code for both fixed and responsive maps. 

How do I become a storm chaser on the map?
ZoomRadar’s chaser layer is a partnership with SevereStudios SevereStreaming. Becoming a chaser is easy and inexpensive. All chasers should be properly trained to chase safely. You must broadcast a manual or GPS location to be placed properly on the map. Visit for information. You can also email Kory Hartman at

Is the storm chaser video compatible with all devices and browsers?
The video will play well in almost all cases. There may be some isolated situations where the browser version or device OS is not compatible.

Do you offer personal chaser maps?
Yes we can provide chasers with a map featuring only their chase vehicle.

How long has ZoomRadar been in business?
ZoomRadar was founded in 2007 as the internet’s first interactive radar!! Since then we have continued to expand serving 100s of media websites, digital signage companies, weather blogger websites and student run websites.

What is the up time of the ZoomRadar map and is it stable?
The up time is 99.99%. Our infrastructure is built in the Amazon cloud with automatic scaling. Thus at any given time multiple servers are running our maps. On a rare occasion an issue may occur. But rest assured ZoomRadar has 24/7 on call support if a problem arises. 

Can ZoomRadar handle large traffic sites?
Absolutely. Through the 8 years we have been in business we have served many huge traffic sites including CBS News, CBS Radio, Telemundo, Time Warner Cable News and various other large media sites.

Does ZoomRadar offer 24/7 support?
Yes we have on-call 24/7 support in which we can respond in an emergency. Non emergency concerns will be addressed during regular business hours Mon – Friday 9am-5pm eastern. We try to answer emails off hours as well. We know you will find our customer service is 2nd to none. 

Do you offer radar for Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes we can offer radar for the areas which can easily be added to any map. This is a small additional charge as it is added as a different layer/ feature. We do not offer radar for Canada but if you live close to the border our US mosaic will cover you.

Does Zoom offer Forecast products?
You may have seen we have a free forecast page on our site. We also offer a custom premium forecast product for customers who pay for the Zoom Map. This is offered as a free compliment to the radar map. So if you purchase a radar you are entitled to a premium forecast page for no cost. Being that the product is free we do not provide support for it and it is offered in limited sizes and styles. If you require a better forecast product speak to us about custom development.

What is the cost of the ZoomRadar Map?
The cost varies depending on number of maps needed, features on the map requested and traffic of the site we are serving.  Prices start as low as $10 per month for a basic map on a student run site. Professional media maps will cost more, but because interactive weather is all we do, our prices are still significantly less than our competition.

Do you offer an API?
We do provide an API for the Storm Chaser live video streaming layer. Please email us at for information.  While we can provide other certain types of data we do not have a traditional API.  That simply means we would have to make custom arrangements for you to tap into our data.

Do you have any new features planned?
We are always adding new features to the map and involved in new initiatives. Please contact us at if you have a custom request. We can be hired to do custom weather development work.

Does ZoomRadar do custom development work?
From time to time we will work on custom projects. If you have a programming / development need for a weather related program please reach out to us and we can discuss.

Does ZoomRadar offer internships?
Yes at any one time we typically have 1-2 interns working with us on social media, blogging etc… We encourage our interns to think out of the box. If you’d like to intern with us email

Why would my website benefit from ZoomRadarTM software?

42% Increase in Visits, 35% Increase in Page Time, Time on ZoomRadar Page=5:58!!!. This info was recently obtained from a major client who also sold a Lucrative Interactive Weather Sponsorship with ZoomRadarTM as the centerpiece of the deal. The deal was made during the bottom of the economic downturn for more money than the previous year! If you are a local weather or news provider this type of technology is becoming a must. It allows your users to see exactly where storms are and where they are moving by allowing then to get hyper-local!!!


Why is ZoomRadar Better?

It can be summed up with 2 words “HYPER-LOCAL” and “TIMELY”. Interactive Storm Tracking allows your visitors to track a storm and with one click find out when that storm will arrive at their house! Also ZoomRadar has the fastest updating NEXRAD radar of any interactive map on the net! Most interactive weather software limits users to zoom down to a “City View”, ZoomRadar allows users to zoom all the way down to their house! Zoom Radar’s exclusive “Local Radar” option allows for fantastic resolution the whole way down! And the “Local Radar” option is also the reason the updates are so fast. This is a necessity when allowing users to zoom to a hyper-local level. Most interactive radars work off a National Image… this takes longer to process and update. Not to mention it just doesn’t look as good as our Hyper-Local radar! The bottom line is ZoomRadar targets Local Clients like TV stations, Newspapers, Radio Stations and Emergency Management web sites. If you are serious about targeting a LOCAL audience then Zoom Radar is for you! To see Sample Images of our Hi-Res Local Radar option just check here… – For questions direct email is


Why design Zoom-able Interactive Weather Radar?

How often has it rained at your house but only a mile or neighborhood away it stayed dry? It happens all the time! If you want to see precisely where the rain is heading, so you can -say- walk the dog, a static map is of little use to you. Most maps are just not close enough to see exactly where the rain is and where it is heading. Interactive radar allows people to get up close and personal with the weather, down to their house! And when Severe Weather strikes, it is usually on a very local level. Zoom RadarTM allows people to prepare for a direct hit or a near miss.


Why have 2 sources of radar (local & national) on your map?

We do this for several reasons…

  1. The local radar option allows us to provide our users with higher resolution data custom to their local area which updates very quickly (often before the NWS websites).
  2. Radar data is typically very reliable. On occasion the National Weather Service will take the local NEXRAD radar down for maintenance issues. In this case we always have a back up National Mosaic which in most cases allows for the surrounding radars to pick up the slack. In the rare case of a national mosaic outage the opposite is true. This way you are always covered!
  3. It allows us to customize to the user needs. If you don’t want one or the other we can do this for you!


How reliable is this service and the weather data?

To make a long story short our uptime is over 99.9%. Each client URL is hosted on the “Cloud” with load balancing across server instances. As we mentioned above we have 2 sources of radar data. This way if, for instance, your local National Weather Service radar is taken down for maintenance, the national mosaic is there to back you up. On the very rare occasion that the national mosaic radar goes down, you have the local radar to back you up. The data comes from 2 different sources which makes the chance of overall data loss very slim.


Are you associated with Google or MapQuestTM?

No. Our sole purpose is to act as a “Consultant” for you. Our software allows integration of weather data and GoogleTM Maps or MapQuest Maps on your website. We can NOT charge you for use of the Google Maps Implementation or MapQuest Implementation and obviously we do not and can not sell GoogleTM or MapQuest Maps. Our fee is strictly based on three things; 1. The data we pay for for you; 2. The hosting of your Map Implementation on our servers; 3. Any server work or custom changes to the map implementation. In order to place this Map Implementation on your website you must get permission from Zoom Radar LLC. You also must agree to the Google Maps API Terms of Use and MapQuest Terms of Use in which you are entering into an agreement with them. One caveat is that viewing & using this map and software must be free and open to the public, which most websites are. You can not restrict access to or charge users to view or use the GoogleTM or MapQuest Map Implementation. In order to display this map on your website you must read and agree to the Google Map API Terms of Use and the MapQuest Terms of use. Zoom Radar LLC reserves the right to revoke the Maps Implementation from anyone at any time. Anyone who uses our consulting services acknowledges that they are also subject to all Terms of Use in the following links… If you would like to use the MapQuest implementation on your site you must read and comply with the MapQuest Terms here…


I’m a small business. Can I afford the hosting/data of ZoomRadarTM for my website?

ZoomRadarTM can be FREE to your site. If you desire this free solution you agree to allow us to integrate advertising on and/or just below the map. Otherwise our specialty is to provide custom hosting & data solutions to fit the budgets of big corporations as well as small business. Contact us for the specific information. We will do our best to meet your needs.


How does installation of the software work?

It is VERY EASY! Most clients just I-frame the map implementation into their website. We help you obtain the Google Maps API key for Your map & host Your map on our servers BUT it appears on YOUR site and you get the credit for visitors and time spent on your site. We will email you the appropriate code and instructions. Still you must follow the Google Maps API Terms of Use to the T!


What size maps do you offer?

We offer various sizes at the current time… 740×500 pixels, 640×480 pixels, and 500×500 pixels. If we don’t have a map size to fit your page we can customize the map size for you for a small fee. We can also add your company Logo!


Do you offer technical support?

Yes. But this is your choice. This application runs on its own. In most cases if there is an issue it will be temporary data loss due to a local National Weather Service NEXRAD outage. We have no control over this but luckily the problem will correct itself when the NWS radar is working again. You can visit your local National Weather Service Radar to see if your specific NEXRAD is down. In the rare event that there is a larger issue our tech staff will be right on it. If you desire the security of having us and your beck and call we have technical support plans to meet your needs.


Are there plans to upgrade this software?

Absolutely!!! We are currently in the process of adding more bells and whistles. Our objective is to continue to make this weather application more interactive, with more choices of data. If there is a feature you’d like to see suggest it