Hurricane Sandy Update #1

by, Thomas Lutz

The question on everyone’s mind is what direction Sandy is going to go over the next week.  As John Travolta put it in the movie Grease, “O Sandy” please give us some insight into what direction you’re heading.

As of this morning Sandy was upgraded to a category one hurricane with sustained winds of 80 mph, becoming the 2012 season’s 10th hurricane.  This storm is an imminent threat for Jamaica, Cuba, and the Bahamas.

Hurricane and tropical storm watches/warnings have been issued for several areas in the Caribbean and the Eastern coast of Florida already.  Reminder, a tropical storm/hurricane watches mean that conditions are possible within the next 48 hours for those areas.  A warning means that stormy conditions are expected to affect that area within 36 hours.

The official forecast track from the NHC shows Sandy tracking through the Bahamas Thursday night into Friday morning.  Then Sandy will turn to the northeast, taking the storm out to sea for a short time before it is expected to interact with a cold front that is moving through the lower 48.

That is when things begin to get very interesting and forecasters are still up in the air to the exact projections that Sandy will take as you can see here in the following map.

One scenario has the storm being brought back towards the eastern sea board by weather features over the United States currently, while another scenario has the storm being pushed out to sea.  Should get very interesting in the next few days!  Stay tuned to ZoomRadar’s blog for more details.

photos courtesy of NOAA

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