Wednesday June 3 2015

Good morning everyone in South Florida and throughout our great country. The current temperature in Wellington Florida is 82 with the heat index of 84. Last night I recorded .30 inches of rain in the rain gauge and it seems to stabilize the atmosphere a bit. According to the NWS in Miami we can expect highs in the Mid to upper 80s with a 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms. Most of the Thunderstorms will be centered over the interior and West coast of Florida near Fort Myers and Naples, Fl. In my opinion, in order for the South East Coast of Florida  to experience any precipitation today we need instability or destabilizing of the atmosphere, thus the Sun is needed to heat the ground level. According to the NWS Miami we have a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the upcoming weekend. This is due in part of a south to southwesterly flow pumping in moisture from the Caribbean. There maybe a chance of tropical cyclone development but the NWS in Miami told me its a minimal chance in the next 7 days. In summary for South Florida expect warm and humid conditions for the next 7 days with a 50% chance or higher for showers and thunderstorms to affect the region. Here is the graphic that shows the Thunderstorm chances today Wellington – East lowest chances of showers and thunderstorms

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