NO I AM NOT THE AMAZON’S ALEXA. But my name is Alexa. I’m thirteen years old, and in 8th grade at a small school called Wade Christian Academy. I’m originally from Columbus, Georgia but because of my father’s new job we moved to Port Saint Lucie, Florida. That’s the time where I started researching about meteorology. In Port Saint Lucie my father worked as a flight instructor. But, after three years in Port Saint Lucie both my mother and father had found new jobs. My father is now a commercial pilot, and my mother became a financial advisor. Where I live now, Melbourne Florida, is a much better area for there jobs.

The first year of living in Melbourne we were hit by our first hurricane. Hurricane Matthew was a nerve-racking storm for us, considering it was forecasted to make a direct hit in Melbourne. Thankfully Matthew did that little wobble which save the Space Coast. We were very blessed that the only damage was our porch screen had been blown out, we didn’t even lose power. Yet I know a few people had it a lot worse than we did, but they recovered.

That was 2016, then 2017 came rolling in with Irma. Again, my family and I were so blessed with only two shingles coming off our roof. But I wish I could say the same thing for my school. The roof of the high school, which is my building, was ripped off. As well as, having a tree fall on to our gym. We missed a good bit of school unfortunately, but now we have a new roof.

Recently I had the privilege to get to go to Penn State for the Weather camp. It was amazing meeting people that have the same interest as I. And, what was awesome is making friends and memories I will never forget. It was an experience that solidified that I wanted to go into the field of meteorology. I can’t wait for next year for camp to roll around, so I can see some of the same people as last year, hopefully.

This blog will pertain to events that are going on in the present, as well as what happened in the past. I will be doing a monthly blog but if something major is going on like a hurricane, tornado outbreak, or blizzard, or any other major events then I will do this blog weekly. Thank you for reading my first blog post. It is an amazing opportunity to be so young and have this type of have a responsibility. I really am looking forward to writing Zoom Radar’s blog.

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