Monday, January 4, 2016

North MS Local Forecast: Good Morning! At Smithville, MS, the current temperature is 34 and it feels like 24. Highs will continue to range between 46 and 65 with lows between 26 and 47. There is a 100% chance of PM rain on Thursday, a slight chance of rain on Friday, a 40% chance of PM showers on Saturday, a 60% chance of AM showers next Sunday, and a 40% chance of PM showers next Tuesday. At the Regional Rehab Center in Tupelo, MS, the current temperature is 33 and it feels like 21. Todays high is 40 and a low of 26 with North-Northeast winds at 15-25mph with gusts to 35mph. Tuesdays high is 48.

NatLoop 393 map_specnewsdct-100_ltst_4namus_enus_650x366 339Severe/Winter Weather Update (Southeast Region): Now, for your Severe/Winter Weather Update for the Southeast Region. There could be winter weather potential around January 10th-17th.

98ewbg 190 99ewbg 147 fill_94qwbg 390 p120i 391 p168i 390 hazards_d3_7_contours_home 366 hazards_d8_14_contours_home 118 probhazards_d8_14_contours 131Severe Weather Outlook (Nationwide): Now, for your Nationwide Severe Weather Outlook. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has no threat of severe weather over the next 2-3 days.

Tropical Update: Now, for your tropical update. In the Western Pacific, no development is expected over the next 5 days. In the North Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea), no development is expected over the next 5 days. In the North Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal), no development is expected over the next 5 days. In the Southern Hemisphere (South-West Indian Ocean), no development is expected over the next 5 days. In the Southern Hemisphere (Australian Region), (#1) Tropical Low has winds of 30mph, gusting to 40mph, with a pressure of 995mbars. In the Southern Hemisphere (South Pacific), (#1) Tropical Cyclone Ula has winds of 80mph, gusting to 100mph, with a pressure of 980mbars. Movement is Southwest at 4mph. Is expected to dissipate by Friday.

sp201606_sat 4 sp201606_5day 4Long Range Outlook: As we head into early to mid January, expect a continuance in normal to above normal rainfall across the Southeast with an increase in potential for winter weather. Temperatures will range between normal to much below normal.

Weather Word of the Week: North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Is a large scale fluctuation in atmospheric pressure between the subtropical high pressure system located near the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean and the sub-polar low pressure system near Iceland and is quantified in the NAO index. The surface pressure drives surface winds and wintertime storms from West to East across the North Atlantic affecting climate from New England to Western Europe as far Eastward as Central Siberia and Eastern Mediterranean and Southward to West Africa.

Where to find more about me: Visit my website at Parker Weather, or follow me on Twitter at and on Google Plus JohnnyParker. The Regional Rehabilitation Center in Tupelo, MS, serves people, like myself, with physical disabilities. I am their “Weatherman in Residence”.








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