Good Morning all zoomradar people. I want to comment how unusual this weather pattern is for South Florida. Climatology speaking June is the wettest month in South Florida and the RAINY season is well underway . Here in South Florida we have 2 distinct seasons a wet season(summer) and a dry season(late fall,winter, early spring). Thus according to Koeppen Climate Classification System, those who live here experience aW or a tropical savanna climate. That being said we really need the rains to come and provide the needed water for our ecosystem..

This June has been exceptionally dry as I have only collected 3.0″ of rain from one thunderstorm cluster 4 days ago. June typically sees over 8.4 inches, and I am not saying we won’t get there, but the consistency of rain is not there. When I first moved here 16 years ago, there was a consistency of rain, you could set your watch to it. Not anymore I could not tell you when its going to rain or storm. Another observation is the lack of thunderstorms here, in addition the diurnal rains being absent, it seems that instability is not there for thunderstorms. Could it be different and new synoptic features new to Florida?  Synoptic meaning large scale systems. Is the Sub tropical Highs getting stronger around 30 degrees of Latitude? Or is the General Circulation moving farther North? Is this too much thought? I report you all can decide.

Today’s forecast in Palm Beach County is the same as past days Hot highs 88-92, Lows are at record highs for this time of year closer to 80, you typically see that is July and August. And this ridiculous Strong Ridge of High Pressure stuck off the Southeast Coast. Temps fr0m Philadelphia to South Florida will be above average. I look at computer forecast models I don’t see this pattern changing for a while.(that’s being conservative) Maybe it could be climate change? Maybe an anomalous pattern? Maybe the El Nino ENSO is responsible for this weather pattern?

In short, I do miss the summer rains and I do miss the thunderstorms down here. They are a part of Florida just like coconut trees and sunny white sandy beaches are. But anyway I will put a synoptic map forecasting the eastern 2/3 of the country. Stay well and remember enjoy the weather its the only weather you got! I certainly will try.

The graphic provided by the weather channel shows the southeast baking under strong high pressure. It might as well put South Florida on this map. In Wellington Florida the high reached 93.

Tropical Storm Bill Radar, Winds

This graphic provided by the weather channel show Tropical Storm Bill approaching the Texas coast near Victoria Texas. The TS Bill actually is moving around the periphery of the very strong high pressure ridge in the Southeast. Max winds 60mph this morning. Actually the storm might strengthened over land, called the GROUND OCEAN EFFECT. It has to do with high moisture in the soil, providing fuel for the storm in Texas.

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