New as of January 2021 ZoomRadar offers access to its high resolution mosaic radar tiles.

Are you a developer looking for radar tiles for your custom application? Our radar is the highest resolution available. It is level 2, 250-meter super resolution data with tile update every 3 minutes. The update time is among the fastest of any mosaic on the web, including the in-between SAILS sweep. The mosaic includes colors for snow, mix and freezing rain. Our new tiles integration document is designed to make it easy for developers to integrate our tiles. But if needed, we can provide development support to help you integrate the tiles onto your web or mobile app. Questions? Email us at zoomradar@gmail.com

Check out our documentation HERE.


The price you pay is determined by your usage of map tiles and only goes into effect once you surpass your free allotment

FREE: Up to 10,000 map tiles per month (each tile is a 256 x 256 square)

$50 per month: Up to 50,000 map tiles per month

$100 per month: Up to 100,000 map tiles per month

$200 per month: Up to 250,000 map tiles per month

If you need access to more than 250,000 tiles per month please contact us at zoomradar@gmail.com and we will come up with a custom plan to suit your needs.

If get a message saying that your free allotment ran out, please email us to sign up for a paid service at zoomradar@gmail.com

Real-time Lightning data is also available upon request.