Free Forecast Widget

Sizes 200 to 300px (height and/or width)

You can customize size and location! ZoomRadar provides this service to you FREE of charge. So add these great weather graphics to your site! Limit 2 per website. *Note: This uses NOAA web services. If data loads slowly then the NOAA may be busy at the moment.*


2. This is the low cost interactive radar and forecast widget for your side bar ($9.99 per month). This demo version has an Ad on the map. The paid version will Not!

*The widget can be as narrow as 290px wide. It can be as wide as 500px wide. The length is approx 620 pixels high (this is fixed). Please note that the current observational & forecast data like the weather icons, temperatures, wind etc… on the above widget is supplied by NOAA. If that data is missing and/or there is a long load time then it means there is a NOAA server shortfall. We have no control over that but the good news is NOAA typically corrects any issues quickly. Also we can not customize anything on the widget except for default location and map zoom level. The default location acts as both the center of the map and current/forecast data location. If you are looking for something slightly different then this is not the widget for you.*

After you are done paying please email us at telling us what zip code you would like the map centered on and how wide you want the map zoomed out (for example “I want to see all of Alanta OR I want to see all of Indiana or I’d like to see most of the nation). Please allow 1-2 days for us to send you the widget.

Again you must email us after paying! with the info requested in the above paragraph.

Use this to build widget… >> Launch Widget Builder Program <<