FREE Interactive Radar Map

We have many requests for free content. So we have recently upgraded our free offering. What used to be static radar maps, now is interactive with looping radar! You pick the size of the map in pixels, location to center the map and how far it is zoomed in or out!!

Make Your Custom Map Here!!! 

Once you have created the map you like grab the embed code below the map and use that to iframe the map into your website! You must read and comply with the Google Maps Terms here… Google Maps Terms of Use

*One note: You may get an error message towards the end of the day. Something like “Ooops the map javascript etc…”  That means the Google Maps Free Map limit has been reached for that day. It will reset the next morning by Google and work fine. If this happens often to you then you may want to inquire with us about the premium options which do not have limits.*

Email us if you have any other questions please contact us at for more details.