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My name is Brandon Brady I grew up in mid sized town called Waterbury Connecticut. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with the weather from the 1978 Blizzard in Connecticut, to the tornado in 1987 and 1990 that ripped through the Naugatuck Valley to my move to Florida in 1998. I have witnessed the awesome power of Hurricanes in Frances, and Jeanne in 2004 and Wilma in 2005. Not to mention the countless lightning storms that feed off the abundant heat and humidity. I was a Palm Beach County School District Teacher for 15 years, mostly PE and a little Science. I have decided to pursue my childhood dream now in going back to school and becoming a meteorologist.

Baroclinicity vs Barotropic Part 4

Good afternoon everyone its Friday and I hope everyone is having a great day. Its been a little gap in time between series parts due to some technical issues. I am going to blog about Baroclinic Systems in detail today. The main system in the baroclinic features are the Mid-Latitude Cyclone, which will be discussed […]

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Baroclinic vs. Barotropic Weather Environments Part 3

Good morning everyone visiting zoomradar, stormchasers, meteorology students, and professional meteorologists. My name is Brandon brady and I am installing my latest blog on Baroclinic vs Barotropic weather environments. This is my second to the last blog on this subject, essentially the third in the series. Today I am going to write about specific examples of […]

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Baroclinic vs Barotropic Weather Environments Series 2

Good morning everyone, this is Brandon brady and I am continuing my series on Baroclinic and Barotropic Weather Environments today. I want to thank everyone who post comments and leave positive feedback about the blog that I insert here on zoomradar. You all are awesome. I want to thank my friend and meteorological colleague Jeff […]

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Barotropic vs Baroclinic Weather and Climates

Good Evening good people passing by zoomradar. And to my good Colleague Jeff Beradelli that best MET I know. I know its been awhile since my last educational weather blog insert but I have been busy with school. Anyway I am here to blog about different weather environments called barotropic and baroclinic weather systems and […]

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Good Morning all good people visiting the site. I am going to write today on the MJO or Also Known as the Madden Julian Oscillation.  In recent years more Meteorologists have been studying and monitoring this oscillation that propagates around the globe. Today I will touch on aspects on the MJO, what it is […]

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Good Morning everyone from very wet South Florida. This summer season started out very dry as June and part of July at least the first part of July started out very dry. In South Florida we were running a significant deficit in rainfall. By mid – June, we were over 10 inches below normal for […]

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Winds of the World

Good Morning everyone who is a regular on . I know I haven’t posted in a while but workload has increased here. Well anyway. Tonight I am going to write on Global wind circulations, regional winds and local winds that occur on our planet Earth. There are 3 important ways that determine the strength […]

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Winter Mid – Latitude Storms

Helo my name is Brandon Brady and I am a weather blogger on I have been writing several blogs that pertain to summer type weather and climate events. I live in South Florida presently where temperatures from may to October routinely reach 90 degrees or higher diurnally(daily) and upper 70s to 80 nocturnally(night). I […]

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Good Morning Folks another hot day expected in South Florida today. But I can say that from Mid-April to October sometimes even longer. I have been reading weather stories throughout our planet, yes I do read weather stories that cover the globe and I am seeing all the flooding that is devastating India, Sri Lanka, […]

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Good afternoon everyone I hope everyone is having a Great Sunday. I have been watching the news and reading the papers and I see the Fire Season is on a rampage, from the 20 vehicles and motorists trapped on I-15 in California to 4+ million acres burned and going strong in Alaska to Canada’s extreme […]

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